Free Postpartum Fitness Guide!

  • Get advice through every stage during the entire first year postpartum.
  • Learn what you can and should be doing from day one.
  • Find out when you can start strength training and running again.
  • Find out if jumping and sprinting is safe to do and when.
  • Learn what core exercises are the best to heal your abs.
  • Find out what core exercises you should avoid.
  • Learn about proper posture and pelvic floor strength. 
  • Is your baby more than a year old? No problem! These tips still work at any time postpartum.

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Unfortunately, most women are not given very thorough instructions for postpartum fitness. We're not sure what we can do and when, and what we should be avoiding altogether. 

If you'd like to safely and wisely return to exercising after having a baby, this easy to follow PostPartum Fitness Guide will help!